Why join the Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP)? (2023)

Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP): The Right Platform to Learn and Grow

The academic semester is a tough roller coaster for high school students, especially when you still have room to make up and plan for summer program applications for high-profile programs like the Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP).

It's hectic, outside of the curriculum, juggling studying for competitive exams, doing homework, and getting straight A's in some really advanced courses. If you too, as a high school student, have your calendar dates lined up for everything that needs to be done this school year, sorry!

And you know how excited you are for summer vacation. Who wouldn't love to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle that life has become? A few days of endless Netflix bingeing never hurt anyone, eh! We would say: go ahead! Enjoy your downtime, recharge your batteries and get ready to do something even more meaningful with yours.Summerbreak. TASP could be the answer for you!

Try new activities and interests, be creative, explore your interests, reflect on what passions drive you the most. Your normal everyday life does not allow time for this. This means that even if you excel in school, you're still missing out on the most important front for college admission: developing real-life skills.

This is where the summer programs come to your aid. These programs, like the Telluride Association Summer Program, are not only a great opportunity to escape the crowds, but also an unparalleled opportunity for exceptional learning and development. These programs prepare you for the challenges of a world beyond the exam halls and soccer fields. But the best part is that it all happens without the pressure to win.

By the end of the summer program, you will know your strengths and weaknesses well. Perhaps you could use some of your learnings and achievements from the program in yours.common applicationInvestigation!

If you want to broaden your horizons or increase your chances of a breakthroughIvy-League-College, summer programs are certainly the way to go.

However, do not apply to a summer program that appears on a random list on the Internet. Do your research, think about how a particular program fits your interests (and budget) and which ones might get you into the good books of college admissions officers. For example, the Telluride Association summer program.

While there are a number of programs to choose from, the Telluride Association's summer program holds a special place.it's a free courseHowever, getting started is not an easy task. If you pass the admission process, you will have the time of your life! Don't you believe us? Hear what former TASPers have to say about this outstanding summer program.

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Alumni Talk - Why Choose the Telluride Association Summer Program?

Straight from the horses' mouths, we bring you what they loved about being a part of the Telluride Association summer program. Your experience speaks volumes about why you, too, should do your best when it comes to admission to the Telluride Association summer program.

A word of caution here, doing your own research on TASP, especially if you are someone who has recently come across the term and have no idea why high school students are actually looking for it, can be dangerous. From themFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, for example, is extremely unreliable because it does not shed any light on the "learning process" promoted in the summer program. Only some components of the curriculum are openly discussed. And in a way that makes it so exhausting. To find out what life at TASP is like and what it can do for you, we suggest you check out the real stories.

Here it isone of those storiesshared on Quora, a popular social media platform where you can ask any question and get answers from anyone in the world, even respected experts.

An anonymous person on Quora shared that TASP is different from other summer programs. In fact, no two TASPs are the same. And he felt lucky to have been part of a very good one. The person who shared his experience says that attending TASP at the Cornell branch was a life-changing experience. Even if he doesn't see himself as a "mediocre" student, he just tried. Fortunately it worked! After meeting 31 super-smart, hard-working, and enthusiastic kids at TASP, he felt a bit worthless.

This lack of confidence slowly turned into an exercise in self-discovery and realizing that he/she should be there. After facing her fears, strengths and weaknesses, TASper has been able to form some of the closest relationships he has ever had in her life. TASPer questioned her perspectives and views. This TASper describes the experience as enlightening. However, one would have to read and write A LOT!

He tooSection "Ask for a Taste".The Telluride Association Summer Program website is a gold mine of experiences shared by alumni. In a question-and-answer form, TASPs from previous years were asked to summarize their "summer at TASP" for others who might be considering applying to the program. Below is the story of one such student, Maia.

Maia believes that days at TASP are anything but typical. Every day is different. However, some pre-scheduled events run throughout the event and have a fixed duration. For example, when I attended TASP, everyone had to attend seminars for three hours every day of the week.

Most afternoons were spent reading. While several group activities were required, none of them were boring or felt like a chore. The participants were so inspiring, engaging and entertaining that it was always fun to listen and brainstorm, even on the driest of topics. Despite an eventful day, there was still time for leisure and fun.

Although the course was challenging given the amount of reading (approximately 20-60 pages per night during TASP 2009), the assignments were extremely engaging and enjoyable. TASP encouraged making the essay a free-flowing exercise that students could use in their seminar discussions, rather than turning it into a grading checklist.

If after reading these stories you're still not sold on the Telluride Association summer program. Alright. Or rather, you'd better think about it and ask questions before you decide to enroll in a summer program. TASP has been a great learning platform for many, but is it the "summer program" for you? We have the answer for you, keep reading.

Is the Telluride Association Summer Program Right for You?

Unlike other summer programs, the Telluride Association summer program is not for everyone. It is for those hungry for a socially and intellectually exciting experience. And certainly not everyone is moved by classical literature or manages like a genius to bring out many facets of it. So the question is whether TASP would be suitablethe right summer programTo you? Yes, if you check one or more of the following points:


If you are absorbed in debates and discussions

The Telluride Association's summer program is for the "handful" of the imaginative and expert group who can spend hours and days pondering and debating a poem or work of art and presenting its fascinating beauty to the world. ask yourselfin boxes?

Debates, seminars and group discussions are the heart of this programme. Because of this, TASP attracts a large number of high school students who want to study liberal arts. However, it is not exclusively for them. Anyone with a heart for lectures, debates, and discussions will enjoy their summer at TASP. Regardless of whether you want to study medicine, technology, biotechnology, finance or another subject that interests you.

The only requirement is that you are someone who thrives in an intellectually stimulating environment. That it must be someone who can expand his imagination beyond books and challenge the world with his ideas.

If you want an Ivy League college

Attending TASP does not qualify you for admission to your dream college or any other collegehigh ranking universitybut it brings you closer. The TASP lifestyle is similar to what you will experience at any top university. Also, the classmates you meet in this summer program will always keep your brain busy.

You will always be surrounded by brilliant people, casually discussing various topics, from calculus to world politics and the silliest stories, in unprecedented style. This experience will shape you for the better. Some of the students you will spend your time with at TASP may never have taken a single art class.

Some may have already mastered the more complex forms of the subject. However, both types of colleagues would be unmatched in curiosity about the same subject and eager to learn more. This is the type of student most Ivy League colleges are looking for.growing competition. Their experiences and insights make essays more engaging.

If you are among these interesting groups of people, don't miss the opportunity to connect, learn and grow. Remember, what you absorb from the environment and from the people of TASP can be great material for you.university applicationand samples

Additionally, Telluride is committed to ensuring that all colleagues feel comfortable talking (and laughing) out loud. He is encouraged to talk about the things that worry him, bother him, bother him, the things he has conflicting opinions about and how he would change them. You must be honest and easygoing when discussing or talking with someone. That kind of confidence that you build through such "open thinking and free speech" will shine through not just on your college application, but on everything you do in college.life beyond study.

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If you are serious about acquiring some essential life skills

Taking initiative, having a do-it-yourself attitude, and taking things at your own pace are crucial life skills. As a high school student, if you feel the need to shift into self-governance and self-reliance mode, please consider applying to TASP.

The Telluride Association summer program transforms you into a responsible, highly motivated and independent personality. They learn to share a common space to live and manage with a shared budget.


You learn to hang out with people from all over the world, from different walks of life. You must work as a team and be responsible for all aspects of your TASP learning. From the seminars you want to attend at TASP, to the field games you want to play, to the community projects you think are important, to music and drama events, to group readings—you and other students need to work together to lead. You should also find out and organize your own leisure interests. Whether it's parties (think crime parties) or movies or a dance class (breakdancing, anyone?), it's all up to TASper.

At the end of this six-week summer program, you'll say thank you for making the best choice for yourself. Now that you really see the extraordinary opportunity that TASP offers, how are you preparing to participate in this program?

To the Telluride Association Summer Program

Considered one of the mostselective summer programTASP is looking for brilliant minds. It is a free program accessible only to a few worthy people. Onlyabout 3%-5%by those who register for the TASP pass.

TASP selection officers do not take this into accountTest resultsand transcripts as fair or clear mirrors of who would make a successful TASP. To examine a potential TASP's personality, thought process, analytical skills, emotional quotient, curiosity, and intelligence, selection officers rely on essays.

It goes without saying that you don't need to be educated in a fancy institution to get to TASP. You can be home schooled and still have all the skills worthy of being a great future TASper.

The selection process is intense. Prepare to write multiple 1500 word essays. Impressing with essays is only half the battle. The interview is pending and you need to be well prepared to give your best.

Your choices through essays and interviews will depend on how flexible you are in moving out of a sheltered environment and how quickly you can adapt to people whose perspectives and experiences differ from yours and vary. If you can't look at ityour timelineknow important deadlines for applications, etc.

Let's break the writing and interview phase into two phases and discuss them one by one to better understand the application process for this summer program.

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As mentioned earlier in this article, you must submit at least six essays on your TASP application. Keep your writing natural, interesting, and a true reflection of yourself. Your essays will be assessed and graded primarily on the ideas you present in them. Telluride Association summer program selectors look not at how well you write, but at your thought process, imagination and creativity. Some of the essays that you may be required to submit with your application include:

  1. How it helped/didn't help you to get an education (both formal and informal). If you want formal training on a topic, why do you think this would serve you best? If you support informal education, what is your opinion?
  2. Describe a piece of art, a movie, a book, a poem, or a life experience that made a difference to you. You should think twice before writing it, as these topics are often covered in TASP seminars.
  3. Was there a time when you hurt someone intentionally or not? What were the consequences and how did you deal with the situation? Would you handle it differently now? If so, how?

The examples above are all hypothetical, but keep in mind what TASP selection officers are trying to understand about you when they review your application. As you work through these essays, the only thing that matters is how honest you are with yourself when you answer. And may those answers clearly reflect that you are willing enough to learn and change for life's demands.

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(Video) Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP) - Alumni Experience

TASP Interview Phase

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by representatives of the Telluride Regional Association in March or April. If you pass the writing phase, you must request a transcript and evaluation letter once the Telluride Association notifies you of your interview. You must also submit an additional essay that you have written for the school to the Telluride Association.

TASP selection

Of course, not all respondents will be included in the Telluride Association's summer program. After the Telluride Association has compiled all of the candidate information to the best of its ability, it will announce the final list in late April.

Sounds like a long road for TASP? the course is Once you're there though, you won't mind the work involved. Every day at TASP will be an adventure of a lifetime.

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wrap it

We explain in detail to what extent the studies represent a kind of "golden ticket" for TASPs. And you may feel a bit overwhelmed by having to present these essays in the best light possible. You want your story to stand out and impress. You want to be doubly sure that you arrive at the interview with your essays.

That's why we're looking closely at the Ivy Leaguesort your writing erasersand help you have more confidence in your shipments toSummer program of your choice.. Feel free to contact us!

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