The role of church leaders in the growth and survival of a church (2023)

The role of church leaders in the growth and survival of a church (1)

The role of church leaders in the growth and survival of a church





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Chapter one on the role of church leaders in the growth and survival of a church



In fact, leadership is a dynamic two-way process of personal influence through which a manager or leader shapes the attitudes and activities of others towards the achievement or attainment of organizational goals (Abogunrin, 1986). Even before the advent of modern concepts of leadership, the Apostle Paul, in the Pastorals, lists the qualifications of church leaders to ensure sustained growth and survival (Dairo, 2007). These remained the model for a long time. In order for every church leader to successfully steer the church ship, these qualities must be assimilated. But contemporary experience in Nigeria has shown a marked departure from this Pauline list of qualifications for church leaders that has really affected the growth and survival of the church. In most cases, the level of understanding expected from both leaders and followers is lacking. This often results in crises in the "Body of Christ."

There are some similarities between the different definitions of leadership. It would be presumptuous to attempt a definition that satisfies the public, particularly with regard to church leadership. Leadership is nothing if it is not linked to collective objectives; and the effectiveness of leaders need not be judged by newspaper clippings but by actual social change, measured by intent and the fulfillment of human needs and expectations, which will be reflected in the long-term growth and development of the church.


Oluwasegun (2005) defines leadership as the ability to achieve consensus and commitment to common goals that go beyond organizational requirements and are achieved through experience or contribution and satisfaction from the work group. Leadership can also be defined as the relationship in which one person or the leader influences others to willingly work together on related tasks to achieve what the leader wants. is a guide Leadership is the ability of management to get subordinates to work toward group goals with confidence and enthusiasm. It implies that the leader assumes responsibility for achieving the group's objectives and therefore it is imperative that mutual trust and cooperation are always present (Oluwasegun, 2005). Leadership is an art of getting things done. You can learn, improve, develop and refine. It is the key influence process and the process always involves a number of key components as you interact as leader and follower in influence situations and opportunities created by the leader and followers based on their value system and the goals to which they both the leader and the followers aspire. go out to achieve (Dairo, 2004).
In relation to church leadership, this means that the church leader, together with his group, provides direction, motivates, admonishes, and develops a specific goal and meets individual or group needs within the church. This is seen as the only way for the church to grow and survive. In the New Testament it was most commonly used as a Christological title for the exalted Jesus. The results of the semasiological and lexicographical study of secular Greek indicate an extremely polyvalent range of meanings for the word "leader" in relation to the one who is the first, the one who precedes, the one who leads.
According to the New Testament, the terms bishop, minister, and elder are synonymous.obispomeans "overseer," and the elders had the responsibility of supervising the work of the church (Acts 20:17,28; 1 ​​Peter 5:1-3). "Elder" is the translation of the Greek word Presbytes, which means "an old man." Paul used the word presbytery in (1 Timothy 4:14), referring not to a denomination but to the "presbytery" of the congregation that Timothy ordained. Elders and bishops (two names for the same office, (cf. Titus 1:5–7)) were mature people with spiritual wisdom and experience to ensure the survival of God's Church. Furthermore, "pastor" means "shepherd." , the one who guides and cares for the flock of God (Vine, 1996:67).


According to Dairo (2008), many churches in Nigeria are characterized by false doctrines, preconceived notions, and man-made regulations that often undermine the directives of the Holy Spirit and strongly oppose church growth and survival. According to the apostle Paul, the leader of the church must be the type of man who can lead the followers. Not all church leaders may possess these qualities to the same degree, but a leader must possess these quality attributes to a degree that is tangible in his life to ensure sustained growth. If a man is known to be harsh instead of gentle, excessive instead of gentle, shameful instead of respectable, he has disqualified himself (Bible Org. 2004). The work of church leadership is a noble task. Such an office needs the right people to serve. The accumulation of material wealth, which takes advantage of people's "gross ignorance" of biblical teachings on wealth by church leaders, has also limited the growth and survival of many churches as awareness has increased. of these dubious strategies. However, the researcher examines the role of church leaders in the growth and survival of a church.


The objectives of this study are the following:

  1. Examine the role of church leaders in the growth and survival of a church.
  2. Identify the roles and responsibilities of church leaders in a church.
  3. Identify the other factors that hold back the growth and survival of the church.


  1. What is the role of church leaders in the growth and survival of a church?
  2. What are the roles and responsibilities of church leaders in a church?
  3. What other factors prevent the church from growing and surviving?


HO: Church leaders play no role in the growth and survival of the church
HA: Church leaders play a role in the growth and survival of the church


The following is the meaning of this study:

  1. The results of this study will educate church authorities and the general public in Nigeria on what church leaders need to do or integrate into the system to ensure growth and survival.
  2. This research will also serve as a resource base for other scholars and researchers interested in doing more research in this area at a later date and, if applicable, provide a new explanation for the topic.


This study will review the activities of the churches in Nigeria with a particular focus on the roles and responsibilities of church leaders.

study restrictions

  1. financial constraint– Inadequate funding tends to hinder the researcher's efficiency in obtaining relevant materials, literature or information and in data collection (Internet, questionnaire and interview).
  2. time constraint- The researcher will participate in this study simultaneously with other scientific work. Consequently, this will reduce the time spent on research work.

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