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The five biggest challenges that business leaders will face in 2022 and beyond

Due to the constant changes of recent years, many CEOs have stopped speculating when the pandemic will subside and are instead focusing on operational changes that will allow them to better manage future surprises. Still, there are a number of challenges that business leaders from all industries are expected to face in 2022 and beyond.

The COVID-19 pandemic thwarted many companies' plans and forced companies to take emergency measures.

To meet the competition in the market and increase your company's revenue, you need to prepare for the upcoming business challenges and understand how to overcome them. In 2020-21 we learned that to be competitive we must be agile and able to respond quickly to changing market conditions. In 2022, you want to stimulate the innovation of digital business models that focus on speed, flexibility and agility.

The business challenges facing the CEO in 2022 are different as the pandemic begins to subside.

New variants will continue to appear, which may lead to temporary relocation of workplaces. Hybrid work will lead to more inequality when it comes to where, when and how many different employees work. Many workers face real wage cuts as annual wage increases lag behind inflation.

The management challenges of the pandemic in 2020 and 2021 forced organizations to take extraordinary actions in real time and without planning.

Things have changed drastically and dramatically, and no industry worldwide has remained untouched. In 2022, it is time for business leaders to move away from survival strategy and use the lessons learned to prepare for the future. Here are some challenges that deserve your attention in 2022 and beyond.

In this blog, we look at some of the challenges leaders may face in 2022 and how best to address them.

Each company has faced some unique and unprecedented challenges over the past two years. We will have even more issues in 2022. Here are some of the most pressing issues and an attempt to help you navigate this journey into the unknown.

  • Challenge #2: Resurgence of telecommuting
  • Challenge #3: Wellness is the new wealth
  • Challenge #4: Addressing Supply Chain Issues
  • Challenge #5: Combating inequality in the workplace

Challenge #1: Attract and retain top talent

The five biggest challenges leaders will face in 2022 and beyond: attracting and retaining top talent

The five biggest challenges that business leaders will face in 2022 and beyondIt's no secret that there is competition for talent these days. CEOs feel pressured to find and keep the best people. You need a strong hiring process and competitive pay and benefits. In addition, you must ensure that your company culture is attractive to potential employees. These business challenges can be overcome by always looking for top performers and talent.

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Business leaders from all industries agree that one of their biggest challenges is finding a way to hire and retain employees at a time when people are changing jobs en masse. For some CEOs, that means focusing on onboarding existing employees and monitoring employee satisfaction.

The most common topic for many companies is the challenges surrounding hiring, retaining employees and the labor market.

By 2021, more than 38 million Americans will have quit their jobs. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, workers are rethinking what they expect from work and whether they can get it from their current employer. The employees want to be heard. It's not just about surveying your employees, it's about taking their feedback seriously, letting them know they've been listened to, and acting on their feedback.

Employers are offering significant salary increases to attract and retain talent in today's market.

Research has shown that US wage increases to date have been more than 4% compared to the historical norm of 2%. But if we take inflation into account, the real wage has fallen. And as inflation continues to rise, employers will find that the compensation they offer will be worth less and less relative to workers' purchasing power. While some companies can compete for talent on compensation alone, others do not have the financial resources to do so. Instead of trying to win the battle for talent by increasing wages, we see some employers reducing the number of hours their employees work and leaving wages unchanged.

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People are not your most important asset. Be the real people. —Jim CollinsClick to tweet

The biggest challenge for many companies is recruiting and retaining talent.

Unfortunately, as you may notice, the word "Top"" has been left out of the description because many are looking for almost any level of talent they can find. All sectors seem to be affected, from restaurants to service companies to transport companies. Without a workforce, companies are forced to slow their growth and look for automated solutions to overcome their challenges. In 2022, employers will need to review their hiring policies to ensure they find those who value their potential highly.

Hiring new talent has always been a lottery, and that won't change.

But because of these changes in the job market, the penalties for hiring the wrong person could mean you miss out on that one person your company craves. The global talent shortage in the labor market – often referred to today as "..." the great layoff – presents challenges for all types of organizations when it comes to recruiting top talent. Re-evaluating your recruitment approach, whether through more intensive interviews or skills testing, should be a key point to address in 2022.

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Challenge #2: Resurgence of telecommuting

Top 5 challenges business leaders will face in 2022 and beyond: Remote work resurgence

The five biggest challenges that business leaders will face in 2022 and beyondWhether it is in the office, remote or a hybrid model, there is no doubt that companies now need to give their employees more flexibility. And flexibility is not just about when and where people work. It is also about what kind of work they have to do in the office and at home. Considering employee input while setting clear expectations can help a company have a happier, more productive and more engaged workforce.

The wave of Omicron complicated many companies' plans to return to face-to-face offices. At the peak of the pandemic, many companies around the world had to adapt to a remote work schedule. While many organizations have now returned to a phased or hybrid return to the office, the unknown of the Omicron variant has led to a return to working from home.

When work is more geographically dispersed, managers have less visibility into their employees' work.

This leads to inaccurate and potentially biased performance ratings based on employees' jobs and not the influence they have. A fall 2020 Gartner survey of nearly 3,000 executives found that 64% of executives and managers believe office workers perform better than home workers, and 76% believe office workers are more likely to be promoted.

But too many people have been forced to adapt to hybrid work models, and many find it difficult to remain productive under such conditions.

As a result, workers seem to have difficulty maintaining their previous levels of productivity. HR leaders who prepare well for these HR challenges that will be faced in 2022 develop productive employees. Tracking productivity with workforce management or monitoring software can help improve quality and time management at work. Employees at all levels, from line workers to C-level executives, will benefit.

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When people are free to choose where they want to work in the world, they simply enjoy their daily work more - Brian De HaffClick to tweet

With the advent of personal technology, employees spend more time at home or on mobile devices than in an office environment.

This means that they not only work more, but also play less, which can lead to stress and burnout. You need management strategies that make all employees feel they can achieve work-life balance if they want to, such as: B. Encouraging flexible scheduling and downtime outside of work. You must constantly learn and research new technologies to integrate them into your business. Be open to change and willing to experiment. That means tackling digital transformation, the process of integrating digital technologies into every aspect of your business. In this way, your company can easily keep up with the latest trends and standards.

Managers must ensure that their employees are equipped to work from home again.

Employers are likely to want to continue reaping the benefits of this type of work, which means managers must carefully manage productivity and encourage ongoing communication. Yes, working from home or a hybrid option should be a lasting benefit for employees given the resurgence in the event of the coronavirus. Covid-19 has led to devastating losses, but one of the outcomes that will hopefully continue is the recognition that the way we work has taken a toll on our bodies and family life. Many workers have long pushed for flexibility in their work schedules. But for many companies and managers, employees who want work-life balance are still stigmatized.

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Challenge #3: Wellness is the new wealth

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The five biggest challenges leaders will face in 2022 and beyond - Wellness is the new wealth

The five biggest challenges that business leaders will face in 2022 and beyondBy 2022, companies will adopt new employee well-being metrics that measure the financial, mental and physical health of their employees to more accurately predict employee performance and retention. Well-designed employee wellness programs are key drivers for promoting engagement, teamwork and inspiration.

In 2021, employee mental health continued to suffer from the mental challenges of working from home and dealing with the ongoing impact of Covid-19. Therefore, dealing with mental health issues and burnout will be a key management trend for 2022. We are all aware of the abundance of evidence that employee mental health is deteriorating, leading to depression, anxiety, stress and burnout. to the pandemic. This causes problems in the workplace and has prompted employers to take action.

Employers must strategically align their leaders, culture initiatives, management practices and resources to specifically support the mental health and well-being of their employees.

It is difficult to keep employees happy when the changes are fast and the stakes are so high. But without change, your business won't be able to compete with others who are innovating faster than you can catch up. You need to find ways to innovate while maintaining a sense of stability and security for employees who may not want to be part of the change but still need to be a part of it.

Employee health is a priority. Create clear channels for employees to report concerns and health issues.

Stay informed about new issues. Allow flexible work hours to allow employees to handle personal matters. Encourage your employees to adhere to strict work hours to avoid the common problem of burnout. Find out what you can do for your employees' mental health. Provide regular updates on how your business is dealing with the latest news about Covid-19. Encourage your employees to use health benefits in their work packages. Wellness programs have been shown to lead to a more productive workforce and a reduction in illness-related costs and accidents. Well-being is an integral part of building a happier and healthier workplace, and employees are increasingly planning to prioritize promoting well-being when looking for their next job.

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When health is at the heart of your brand, it all starts with taking employee health seriously. —Marnix EikenboomClick to tweet

The pandemic has made it clear that our physical and mental well-being is essential, equally important and must be strictly protected for us and our society to thrive.

A 2021 Deloitte study highlighted the importance of integrating well-being into work design to improve employee well-being at work. With 80% of respondents to Deloitte's Global Human Capital Trends 2020 survey rating well-being as important or very important to their company's success, we know that companies that prioritize well-being in the workplace are best equipped to do so if their employees perform properly. best. Unleash your full potential and create success.

An area that is often overlooked when it comes to well-being in the workplace is the design of the office itself.

Employees need to feel calm and comfortable in their workplace, and good workplace design creates a less stressful and more productive environment. Moving away from a strict floor plan where everyone has an assigned desk and creating designated quiet zones, breakout rooms, common areas, etc. common areas ensure that everyone has a place to work efficiently without feeling like they're missing out, that their teammates are crowding on. We also all know how important it is to take breaks during the day. With quick and easy access to coffee, water and other refreshments, you can give your team a good break and stay hydrated until you get home.

Challenge #4: Addressing Supply Chain Issues

The Top Five Challenges Leaders Will Face in 2022 and Beyond - Solving Supply Chain Issues

The five biggest challenges that business leaders will face in 2022 and beyondAs the economy recovers, the supply chain will be critical to the fast and secure delivery of goods and services. Business leaders must make quick decisions and take immediate action to keep their businesses running, serve their customers, clients and communities, and protect and support their employees. The reshaped and transformed supply chains of the future must be characterized by both robustness and responsibility. These will help communities cope with the short-term crisis, enable businesses to adapt to their customers and help the economy recover.

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make as a business in 2022 will be any investments, changes or adjustments you need to make to your overall distribution strategy in light of global supply chain challenges.

Both small and large businesses are increasingly affected by supply chain issues.

The pandemic has closed factories, created premature shortages, and consumer goods are now beginning to be hit hardest. From a shortage of chips that reduces the production of Ford cars, to a shortage of raw materials that affects the production of building materials. To make matters worse, the labor shortage limits the ability to unload shipping containers and ship goods to consumers. If companies can't find ways to get their products, growth could be severely hampered in 2022.

The interdependence of the global supply chain has been highlighted during the pandemic and has become a major challenge for businesses.

Supply chain disruptions have negatively impacted growth due to strong demand coupled with COVID-related supply disruptions. When people were stuck at home, they spent less on consumer goods such as restaurants, entertainment venues and other services and spent more on groceries and consumer goods. As companies move from efficient to stable supply chains, this will slow growth over time. While deglobalization has been going on for several years, the pandemic has accelerated the pace. Nations issue industrial policies to protect the supply chains of companies headquartered in their territory, and policies are designed to ensure that critical inputs such as semiconductor chips or rare earths are not held hostage by the countries that control those inputs. These measures accelerate the tendency of Western companies to relocate and diversify their supply base. Diversification will not happen overnight and China has the biggest advantage in terms of infrastructure, skills and manufacturing know-how.

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We must be more efficient in getting products and solutions to consumers faster and at lower costs. — Scott Hagen, CEO of VictrolaClick to tweet

The Covid-19 pandemic is not just a short-term crisis. It has long-term implications for the way people work and supply chains operate.

There is an urgent need for companies to make their value chains more robust in the long term to cope with future challenges. This requires a holistic approach to supply chain management. Companies must build in enough flexibility to protect themselves against future disruptions. You should also consider developing a robust framework that includes a responsive and resilient risk management capability. This capability should be technology-driven and leverage platforms that support applied analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. It should also ensure end-to-end transparency throughout the supply chain. In the longer term, risk response should become an integral part of business-as-usual protocols.

To develop long-term strategies and solutions to these complex challenges, organizations must be resilient and adaptable to major disruptions.

While supply chains have continued to adapt and improve since the start of the global pandemic, challenges remain that will force virtually all organizations to abandon past best practices and focus on the kind of transformation our new environment demands. Organizations are learning that we need to build in the flexibility and additional capabilities to not only navigate the ups and downs of the current crisis, but also prepare for a sustainable future. Post-crisis, the strongest companies will have implemented state-of-the-art supply chain management practices that are strong enough to mitigate a wide range of risks and thrive in all market conditions.

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Challenge #5: Combating inequality in the workplace

Top 5 Challenges Facing Business Leaders in 2022 and Beyond - Combating Inequality in the Workplace

The five biggest challenges that business leaders will face in 2022 and beyondGender and racial inequality in the workplace continued into 2021, with companies increasingly scrutinized to ensure fair representation and promotion. It's not just about gender, it's also about racial equality and social opportunity, and the increasingly important role of business in our society.

Many CEOs feel that their company culture is not inclusive enough, leading to a lack of diversity and negatively impacting business results. You need to find ways to make everyone feel welcome, from different ethnicities and religions to people with different sexual orientations and gender identities. This can be achieved by creating an open dialogue about inclusiveness and policies that reflect these values.

In 2022, leaders must consider how to ensure fairness and equal opportunity in the increasingly diverse employee experience.

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, 80% of employees want inclusive companies, and almost half of respondents believed that their company should improve diversity, race and gender equality. This shows us that every industry leader should strive to learn about diversity issues in order to create a truly inclusive work environment. As we can see, these topics are now high on the agenda – both internally and externally – and we can expect leaders to work towards a more inclusive work environment in 2022.

While promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace offers numerous benefits, it also presents some challenges.

People from minority groups may feel that they are treated unfairly compared to the larger groups. Likewise, they may think that the manager is nicer to people with the same background. Therefore, these groups were unlikely to raise their voices when faced with problems. For example, workers from some Asian countries may not feel comfortable expressing their views, especially if they are new to the job or in a lower position. This situation requires a balanced leader with strong leadership, EQ and communication skills to lead a diverse team, ensure each member feels involved and align team decisions with business goals.

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Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. - Martin Luther King Jr.Click to tweet

According to a Glassdoor survey, two-thirds of job seekers said diversity was important to them when evaluating companies and job opportunities.

In a competitive global job market, demonstrating your company's investment in fostering a multicultural and inclusive environment can set you apart from the right candidates. When you make diversity an important part of the recruitment process, you increase your talent pool of potential employees. Recruiting from a more diverse talent pool not only makes your company attractive to ambitious, globally minded candidates, it also helps you keep them on board. Diversity, including gender, religious and ethnic diversity, has been shown to improve employee retention and reduce costs associated with employee turnover.

In a diverse workplace, employees are more likely to remain loyal if they feel respected and valued for their unique contributions.

This in turn fosters mutual respect among colleagues who also value the different cultures, perspectives and experiences of their team members. An inclusive atmosphere of cross-cultural collaboration is a great way to bring colleagues and teams together across the organization. Working across cultures can be a truly enriching experience, allowing others to learn about perspectives and traditions from around the world. When you bond with similarities and differences, you can become a global citizen and let go of prejudices or an ethnocentric worldview, something that becomes more and more valuable.


? The five biggest challenges that business leaders will face in 2022 and beyond (6)

We recognize that the pandemic has blurred the already fluid line between work and private life. It was very important to us to create enough space to enable people to do their work with confidence while taking into account their specific circumstances at home, and this is the catalyst for many decisions. We trust our employees from day one of the pandemic; In my opinion, this was the only approach we could take and it helped us all.John Fennelly, President and CEO of Lionbridge

Now you know what structural changes are most important, how those changes can impact, what steps business leaders can take to determine the direction and pace of change, and how the Covid-19 crisis is affecting the power and influence dynamics in your industry. changes.

We've all experienced the biggest upheaval in the workplace in generations, and the pace isn't slowing down.

What will change is the variability of this condition. In 2022, leaders must learn to thrive in a period of turmoil that affects their organizations unequally. The pandemic has profoundly changed the economy, and companies are working to adjust their strategy to keep growing. While most of these challenges focus on changes in the workplace to give employees more freedom, improve culture and promote a healthy atmosphere. It is up to the leaders of an organization to enforce these changes and make quick adjustments if necessary.

Although there are many challenges, they have also brought some great opportunities.

If an organization wants to remain productive and maintain a strong workforce, every great leader must adopt a man-management approach to ensure that every employee is treated as they respond. Any organization that can create an effective plan to address these challenges will remain productive and diverse in 2022, meaning everyone from management to employees can reap the enormous benefits of a culture of continuous improvement.

By modernizing and revitalizing business processes at all levels, leaders can navigate the uncertain hurricane of the pandemic and enter a new era of growth and success in 2022 and beyond.

The article explored different strategies that can be used for each challenge and how they can affect your business. We hope you found this post helpful! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Common business challenges in 2022 include: being ready to respond to market trends, recruiting & retaining top talent, finding new growth opportunities, etc.

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Common business challenges in 2022 include: being ready to respond to market trends, recruiting & retaining top talent, finding new growth opportunities, etc.

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Engagement and keeping employees 'in seat' is more critical than ever. According to Gallup, 30% of employees feel a strong connection to their company and work for it with passion. 20% are actively disengaged and trying to undermine it. Good people management and up-to-date performance management will be critical.

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The fast-paced environment in which they thrive leaves many fast-growing companies facing three key leadership challenges. I call them the Three Cs – Capacity, Capability and Culture.

What are 4 common barriers to inclusion? ›

What are the barriers to inclusive education?
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What is the hardest part of leadership? ›

The hardest part of being a leader is doing the right thing regardless of the personal or professional negative impact it can have on your career. Good leaders figure out how to deal with adverse consequences. Great leaders don't have to figure it out because they are hard-wired to do the right thing all the time.

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Apple (United States)2,640.32
Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) (Saudi Arabia)2,292.08
Microsoft (United States)2,054.37
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  • Focus on customer retention. ...
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  • Invest in employee training and development.
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  • Reputational Risks. ...
  • The Takeaway.
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CEOs in both the United States and globally say slow growth and a recession are their #1 external worry of 2023.

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Towards 2023: 7 counterproductive things employers need to stop doing at work
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  • Viewing performance as once-a-year event. ...
  • Thinking communication solves everything. ...
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  • Viewing growth through profit and loss lens. ...
  • Setting unrealistic expectations. ...
  • Homogeneity in workplace.
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The Global Risks Report 2022 - Executive summary

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  2. Not Making Time for Your Team. ...
  3. Being Too "Hands-Off" ...
  4. Being Too Friendly. ...
  5. Failing to Define Goals. ...
  6. Misunderstanding Motivation. ...
  7. Hurrying Recruitment. ...
  8. Not "Walking the Walk"

What do CEOs care about 2022? ›

CEOs recognize the compelling need to invest in and more deeply understand AI and how it is going to affect the business model of their organization. As evidence, our Fall 2022 CEO survey uncovered that 91% plan to invest to some degree in AI over the next 12 months. This indicates a clear commitment to AI technology.

What are people stressed about in 2022? ›

The October 2022 report shows a battered American psyche, facing a barrage of external stressors that are mostly out of personal control. The survey found a majority of adults are disheartened by government and political divisiveness, daunted by historic inflation levels, and dismayed by widespread violence.

What is 2022 known for? ›

2022 saw the removal of nearly all COVID-19 restrictions and the reopening of international borders in most countries, and the global rollout of COVID-19 vaccines continued.

What is the biggest challenge facing the world today why? ›

World's biggest problems on the UN list
  • Climate Change.
  • Wars and military conflicts.
  • Water contamination.
  • Human rights violation.
  • Global health issues.
  • Poverty.
  • Children's poor access to healthcare, education and safety.
  • Access to food and hunger.
Aug 2, 2022

What are the major challenges facing organizations today? ›

Examples of common organizational challenges
  • Turnover. ...
  • Disconnect between coworkers. ...
  • Lack of productivity. ...
  • Limited innovation. ...
  • Host team-building exercises. ...
  • Define and promote organizational goals. ...
  • Deliver constructive criticism. ...
  • Celebrate organizational milestones.
Jun 24, 2022

What leaders need to know in 2022? ›

8 skills every leader should master in 2022
  • HUMANIZATION. The humanization of a brand is a long process that has to do with the business' relationship with its own customers. ...
  • LAUGH. ...
  • FOCUS. ...
Apr 4, 2022

What are the challenges for future leaders? ›

The 6 Most Common Challenges That Leaders Face
  • Honing Effectiveness. ...
  • Inspiring Others. ...
  • Developing Employees. ...
  • Leading a Team. ...
  • Guiding Change. ...
  • Managing Stakeholders. ...
  • Set goals for yourself and your team. ...
  • Delegate more to others.

What might be 5 challenges the world would face? ›

Without a serious focus on green growth, falling water tables, rising food/water/energy prices, population growth, resource depletion, climate change, terrorism, and changing disease patterns, catastrophic results around the world are likely and will force migrations over the next few decades to make much of the world ...

What are some of the greatest is challenges for most firms? ›

Business challenges
  • Maintaining quality customer relationships.
  • Meeting customer needs.
  • Preserving a good reputation.
  • Retaining employees.
  • Finding an effective brand.
  • Marketing in a saturated marketplace.
Mar 10, 2023

What are the global challenges in 2023? ›

Most respondents to the 2022-2023 Global Risks Perception Survey (GRPS) chose “Energy supply crisis”; “Cost-of-living crisis”; “Rising inflation”; “Food supply crisis” and “Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure” as among the top risks for 2023 with the greatest potential impact on a global scale (Figure 1.1).

What are the challenges for employers in 2023? ›

One of the most significant challenges companies will face in 2023 is dealing with shifting employee expectations. In 2023, it isn't enough to have job security and a good salary; many employees these days are looking for work schedule flexibility, greater engagement with their work, and sustainable productivity.

What are the top 3 challenges you face in operating your business? ›

Here are five of the most common challenges you may encounter.
  • Lack of Funds. Nothing can hold a business back like money problems. ...
  • Lack of Time. ...
  • Trouble Finding Good Employees. ...
  • Difficulties Balancing Growth and Quality. ...
  • Ineffective Web Presence. ...
  • How Can You Manage These Challenges?

What are the 7 importance of leadership? ›

Seven important leadership qualities that help leaders build influence and trust with team members are accountability, adaptability, authenticity, good communication, compassion, self-awareness, and flexibility. These qualities enable leaders to forge strong connections that result in exceptional performance.

What is 2022 leaders of tomorrow? ›

On April 8-9, 2022, the Northwest Human Resource Management Association (NHRMA) and the SHRM State Councils of Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Idaho will host HR Leaders of Tomorrow, a premier student conference focused on human resource management.


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