SharePoint Knowledge Management: 5 Best Practices in 2023 (2023)

microsoftreported that in 2016, 78% of Fortune 500 companies started using SharePoint for their content management needs. One in five knowledge workers have access to SharePoint.

you need a cashSharepoint Knowledge ManagementEdit if you intend to include built-in and versioned tools for your organization.

As Albert Einstein said: "Information is not knowledge", and that statement becomes more accurate as organizations grow. Let's find out how powerful SharePoint is as a knowledge management platform.


  1. Can Microsoft SharePoint be used as a knowledge base?
  2. SharePoint Knowledge Management Solution Benefits
  3. Limitations of the SharePoint knowledge management solution
  4. frequent questions
  5. Diploma

Can Microsoft SharePoint be used as a knowledge base?

Yes, Microsoft SharePoint can be used as a knowledge base, as it stores and organizes information in one central location. SharePoint is also a good choice as a knowledge base due to its powerful search capabilities and customizable customization options.

In addition, SharePoint's teamwork and collaboration capabilities allow multiple users to contribute to and maintain the knowledge base, making it a central repository for information files. Now that we know that SharePoint can be used as a knowledge base. Let's look at 5 best practices for using SharePoint as your complete knowledge base.

  1. use labels

    For 19 years, since its inception in 2001, companies have used SharePoint extensively to collect, develop, share, and manage expertise in the organization's knowledge base.

    The sheer amount of information security makes it impossible to find the right data quickly. In SharePoint, you can use enterprise metadata management to tag information and reduce search time.

    As you add new information, tags keep everything in your workspace properly labeled and organized.

  2. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate

    SharePoint is not just a document store, it is a collaborative platform. It can be used to share implicit knowledge from experts and IT professionals.

    Knowledge workers can meet virtually and add data, comments, expert advice, or suggestions to any document they're working on in SharePoint.

    The ease of collaboration is very important for any company to ensure growth not only of the organization but also of its employees. You can set permissions on who can edit, view, or comment on them, make them available to everyone in the company, or share them only with specific people.

    If you're looking for ways to improve collaboration, check out aBlog on how to improve team collaboration. You will learn 10 proven strategies for better collaboration in your organization.

    With all these valuable features of the knowledge management portal, don't rule out cooperation in your software development company.

  3. memorize AAR

    After Action Review (AAR), originally developed by the US Army, is a simple process that runs on Microsoft SharePoint. AARs are expert evaluations of your actions and help employees make better decisions.

    After completing the task or a document, experts provide feedback on what was done, why a certain action was taken in other steps, how another potential approach might provide a dynamically adjusted result, what security parameters are provided, and more. .

    From this tacit knowledge, teams can learn better and make more informed decisions. You can have common ground for anyone to ask questions, and those questions can be answered by the right people in meaningful conversations.

  4. assign permissions

    When you use SharePoint, all of your sales, marketing, development, HR, etc. work with intuitive knowledge base software.

    You don't want the sales team's SOP to be accessible to the HR team and vice versa. Therefore, assigning permissions to each document is very important and is used by various taxonomies for validation purposes.

    However, if your company has more than ten team members and a new member joins the marketing team, you definitely don't want to add the person to every taxonomy of marketing-related documents. It could take hours. It's worse than someone leaving the team.

    Instead, you can assign permissions to a group and only need to add/remove from the group once.

  5. informational architecture

    The next tip for you when using SharePoint is to set up an information architecture for your site environment. A site's navigation and information architecture determines how the site is organized into pages, modules, a document library, and more.

    You can have a hierarchical list of site content, keywords, tags, data types, etc. With SharePoint, content classification can be in the form of specific lists and libraries created by end users based on their needs.

    (Video) Top Knowledge Management Tools in 2022

    Do you want to achieve the main goal you want to achieve by using the SharePoint knowledge base and what types of articles does it include to help achieve those goals. Once you have a clear idea of ​​this, you'll quickly determine the best design for your SharePoint knowledge base.

SharePoint Knowledge Management Solution Benefits

SharePoint Knowledge Management: 5 Best Practices in 2023 (4)

After discussing the best practices in SharePoint knowledge management software, the next thing to consider are the pros and cons of having a knowledge base on SharePoint.

Together, SharePoint and knowledge management complement each other. First, let's look at the benefits of knowledge management with SharePoint:

  1. Effortless integration for Microsoft users

    It is likely that almost 95% of your employees have already used applications from the Microsoft Office 365 suite. With the proliferation of Microsoft applications, use knowledge management solution software from the same suite that your employees use for their daily tasks in the countryside.

    This reduces the integration effort and the administrative department does not have to keep track of many passwords for security reasons.

  2. One system for all your needs

    Another benefit of using a Microsoft Office 365 app is that Microsoft has a number of apps to suit your organization's needs.

    Microsoft Outlook has great potential for managing your calendar and email inbox. Word is perfect for writing documents, and Excel can help you manage your finances.

    Powerpoint, Onenote, Access and Skype can help you simplify all your activities in a package that meets all your needs.

    Also, SharePoint knowledge management is cross-functional. You can use it as your business filing system, knowledge repository, knowledge sharing, knowledge management solution, document management system, knowledge resource, document collaboration platform, and much more.

    You can use SharePoint to write business systems, classify content, or create a web part, business platform, and knowledge base.

  3. SharePoint is the Wikipedia of your organization

    Once you start using the SharePoint knowledge management system, you'll find that all your data is stored in one place. Finding content is as easy as searching a wiki with this expert company.

    Just type a few terms in the search bar and all the relevant content, a web part of the documents, can be found in seconds. Anyone can add content types and access content in the knowledge base system.

  4. Team work and collaboration

    SharePoint facilitates collaboration and teamwork, allowing users to work on documents and projects in real time, regardless of location. It allows team members to share ideas, provide feedback, and make changes to documents and projects in a collaborative environment.

    It also allows for the creation of workspaces where teams can share files, documents, and other information related to specific projects or tasks. Plus, SharePoint supports version control, so team members can keep track of changes to documents and projects and roll back to previous versions if necessary. This ensures that all team members are working on the latest version of a document or project.

  5. better security

    Businesses can restrict access to information and protect sensitive data using security features built into SharePoint. A permission must be created for authorized users to access certain information. As a result, the business can better protect the confidentiality of critical information.

    It also enables multi-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of protection by requiring users to provide additional authentication factors, such as a fingerprint scan or a one-time code sent to a mobile device.

    (Video) 5 Best Practices for SharePoint News Post Content

    In addition, SharePoint offers users the option of data encryption and secure connection over HTTPS, which ensures that all information transmitted between the user's device and SharePoint is encrypted and cannot be intercepted by unauthorized persons.

Limitations of the SharePoint knowledge management solution

SharePoint Knowledge Management: 5 Best Practices in 2023 (5)
  1. Limited search features

    Although the Sharepoint Knowledge Management system has a search function, there are limitations related to the search function. With SharePoint, your content is not indexed.

    Search is limited to the set of sites your user or individual is searching for, and you cannot filter search results by parameters other than content age.

    The search function is useful for finding a small number of files with a general parameter query. For larger data taxonomies with extended parameters, the search results are inefficient.

    Would you like another suitable option? Contact CloudTutorial. To make finding your customers, employees, and team members easy and convenient, CloudTutorial offers category and subcategory options in its knowledge sharing system.

    With subcategories, users can easily navigate through different information and find what they are looking for on the site.

  2. unstructured content

    SharePoint's information structure is similar to Wikipedia's information architecture: it is not organized or indexed in a user-friendly way.

    A large number of unstructured content processes can overwhelm end users and teams. Ideally, your content should be well organized into appropriate topics to make it easier to find information.

    Sorting and structuring content in SharePoint requires a lot of legwork.

  3. Limited number of users

    This feature can be a serious problem for organizations trying to make their internal Sharepoint knowledge base platform public. Most knowledge-based self-service platforms should not require users to log in to search for specific information.

    This is a huge hassle for the customer journey and for the security of the customer, who doesn't want to spend more than a minute looking for the data.

    So, if you want someone to review the contents of your knowledge base and they are not members of your company, this is not an easy task.

    Here are some of the pros and cons of SharePoint that we think could hurt its ability as a knowledge management platform. Although SharePoint is just perfect, generally based on the user experience, it does not meet the needs of others.

    If your knowledge management features are intended for external use, such as the RStudio knowledge management platform, the SharePoint knowledge base may not be the best platform for your needs.

    On the other hand, if you want knowledge management solutions for your employees or a specific user and there is a lot of document collaboration, then SharePoint may be the right choice.

  4. Complexity to set up and maintain

    Setting up and managing SharePoint can be challenging for organizations with minimal IT resources. Initial SharePoint setup can be time consuming and requires technical expertise to install and configure.

    Once setup is complete, ongoing maintenance is also required, including software updates, backups, and troubleshooting. SharePoint also requires ongoing content management, e.g. B. create and manage libraries and lists, metadata, and monitor compliance.

  5. insufficient mobile support

    Due to SharePoint's poor mobile compatibility, users find it difficult to access information on the go. There is a mobile app for SharePoint available for iOS and Android. However, it may have less basic features and features than the full desktop version. As a result, when using the Application, Users may not have access to all features and functionality available on the desktop version of the Website.

    Additionally, some categories of content, including complicated web pages or forms, may not be viewable through the mobile application. Additionally, offline access may not be enabled and the mobile application may require an Internet connection to access the information.

    SharePoint Knowledge Management: 5 Best Practices in 2023 (6)

    Do you want a KM software with better search features?

    (Video) SharePoint content types are the feature you NEED TO USE in 2023!

    CloudTutorial has many advanced features to make things easy. Easily create categories and subcategories.

    Sign up today!!!SharePoint Knowledge Management: 5 Best Practices in 2023 (8)

    frequent questions

    Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based collaborative platform that enables businesses and teams to bring together their organization's collective knowledge on one platform. It has seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 applications, content management, and document storage systems.

    SharePoint is highly configurable and can be used in different ways in different organizations. It allows taxonomists, librarians, and administrators to create and manage a variety of terms across the organization.

    SharePoint has many useful features, but at the same time, many shortcomings such as challenging navigation for the average customer or user experience, overall cost, and subscription that make it difficult to see if it's the perfect KMS for your business.

    If your primary goal is to manage a document, using SharePoint to control your company's knowledge is the right choice. SharePoint is suitable for automating business processes, especially for companies that have already subscribed to SharePoint.

    Knowledge management solutions identify knowledge gaps during content creation and escalate unanswered customer questions and issues to experts who can respond to customer requests by feeding new information into the system.

    While there are many, Documize and phpMyFAQ are among the best open source knowledge management solutions. In this blog you canRead about open source software in the best knowledge base.

    How can we improve the knowledge management capabilities of SharePoint?

    (Video) Top sharepoint interview questions in 2023

    Businesses need to integrate the platform with data classification tools that add better search capabilities, proper information architecture, taxonomy, and term management to SharePoint's out-of-the-box features. This will make SharePoint an effective knowledge management solution.


    We hope that after reading this blog you have gained a more concrete understanding of SharePoint and knowledge management solutions. With SharePoint, document collaboration, security, and content classification are easy.

    You can collaborate with other employees to create perfect documents and dramatically increase business productivity.

    With the help of SharePoint, you can create clearly defined business processes. If you have questions about your business knowledge base, please contact us by emailCloudTutorial, and we look forward to hearing from you.

    SharePoint Knowledge Management: 5 Best Practices in 2023 (9)

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