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In order to optimize the commercial performance of its intervention area, it manages its team on site. Participates in the development of the commercial strategy and the implementation of operational measures. As an intermediary between sales and field service, he ensures compliance with the defined sales action plan and the achievement of goals.

Other titles

  • running 5-5
  • B2B or B2C H-F Commercial Manager/Manager
  • M-F Sales and Operations Manager
  • Technical Sales Manager/M-F Technical Sales Manager
  • M-F Market Manager/Director


  • Action plan advertising
  • business goals
  • competitive intelligence
  • KPIs (Operational Performance Indicators)
  • CRM

main activities

Definition and monitoring of the commercial action plan

  • Analyze and monitor customer and industry data, competitive and prospective monitoring (anticipate customer and user changes and trends).
  • Participate in the development of the commercial strategy, define the commercial action plan within its scope (general objectives, objectives, arguments, commercial actions), monitor its application, communicate strategic information to the commercial staff.
  • Develop individual and collective planning: mapping of activities (market, customers, area), objectives, key operational performance indicators (KPI), priority operational actions, preliminary budget.

Commercial team management.

  • Energize your team every day, support them in the field, train new salespeople, explain strategy, recognize pitfalls and potential.
  • Organize and plan business transactions, distribute interventions, resolve disputes and problems.
  • Manage sales force activities according to their respective objectives: analyze and interpret results, implement corrective actions, control the application of sales processes and activity monitoring tools.
  • Facilitate sales team meetings, conduct one-on-one performance follow-up interviews.

Creation of a personal customer portfolio.

  • Leverage the customer database and ensure competitive intelligence to identify issues and segments.
  • Maintain a portfolio of important customers: ensure visits, negotiate contracts, services, prices, discounts.
  • Development and management of a portfolio of potential customers (prospects, leads): identification, prospecting, adequacy of sales pitches to objectives, preparation of agreements.
  • Maintain a commercial network through local contacts to strengthen the company's positioning and reputation.

Commercial and administrative management

  • Optimize the commercial organization, sales processes and the means necessary for the development of activities.
  • Complete dashboards (maps, lists, graphs, gauges, indicators), suggest improvements in monitoring tools and sales processes.
  • Manage your team's human resources: recruit and train salespeople, increase their motivation through challenges and their skills through training, control expense reports, vacations, absences.
  • Oversee operating budget, prepare annual forecast.


  • Participate in defining the marketing strategy and supervise market managers.
  • Contribution to the optimization of merchandising (promotion of products in stores).
  • Guarantee or supervision of technical-commercial activities, pre-sales or post-sales.
  • Participate in management reviews.


  • While in SMEs he works directly with management, in large companies he is usually attached to a commercial department. This allows different actors to form your team: salespeople, field personnel, technical field personnel, point-of-sale managers, area managers, sales managers.
  • Your field of intervention can be a geographic area, a range of products, a brand, a type of customer (individual B2C and/or B2B professionals), sales (direct, indirect, field, sedentary, traditional, distant), market (public, industrial, agricultural, etc.), a sales cycle (long or short).
  • All of these parameters help determine a dominant leadership style: generally participatory (collaborative), even delegating for sales in B2B and long cycle, or more directive or persuasive in B2C and short cycle.
  • The hierarchical management of teams does not necessarily exist in favor of transversal animation of internal and economic actors.
  • Depending on the company you work for, great geographic mobility may be required.


  • Business development manager
  • Regional director
  • sales manager / sales manager / sales manager
  • Trade Promotion Manager
  • Director/Head of Marketing
  • Site manager, telephone platform


  • The sales manager is a developer and spokesperson: while the sphere of management determines business policy in response to changing global competition, the field provides fertile ground for capturing needs and trends. The sales manager, who assumes his operational part in sales, communicates information both top-down and bottom-up. Due to this important mediation role, recruitment for this role will continue on a sustained basis.
  • Personality, an important hiring criterion: in constant proximity to your team, the foundation of the commercial structure, your soft and behavioral skills contribute to strengthening human ties and allow messages of encouragement and reorientation. He/she knows how to deal with individual personalities, how to apply management attitudes adapted to the situation. Its aim is to harness everyone's energies to drive economic efficiency.
  • Business specific knowledge for this role is essential: companies look for operational skills such as 'hunter' and/or 'breeder' and real work skills. Team leadership usually predominates in participatory mode (reflection group, brainstorming). This cost killer (that's how advertisers present it) has management skills to control costs. Using dynamic tables, interpret numbers, develop productivity indicators (sales, gross margin), even measure the suitability of established objectives with production times.
  • Digital transformation has made sales managers master digital tools to manage CRM, KPI and KYC (Know Your Customer) performance – along with customer satisfaction and loyalty, sales performance measured with these tools provides clues about the degree of relationship with the customer. Commercial and contractual documents, dematerialized sales support tools (OAV) on tactile tablets complete the toolbox.


Required Diplomas

  • Training at Bac +2/3 level: BTS, DUT, license in the commercial area, sales, etc.
  • Bac +5-Level-Training
    • Master's degree with specialization in Sales, Commercial Negotiation, Commercial Management, etc.
    • Business School Diploma

duration of experience

  • Generally, a minimum of five years of sales, negotiation, and training experience is required.

Necessary Skills

Technical abilities

  • Mastery of sales and negotiation techniques.
  • Good knowledge of management techniques.
  • Knowledge of team management techniques.
  • Very good knowledge of products, types of customers, markets, distribution networks.
  • basics in administration
  • Knowledge of CRM software and domain of Office tools.
  • functional english


  • Autonomy
  • interpersonal skills
  • adaptability
  • Power of suggestion and persuasion
  • listening and communication skills
  • preference for numbers
  • stress resistance
  • reactivity
  • listen to the needs
  • Professional qualifications
  • management capabilities
  • trading meaning
  • persistence
  • pragmatic spirit
  • ability to prioritize
  • initiative price
  • Availability
  • Ability to stimulate interlocutors with diverse interests.
  • pedagogy


Gross annual salary offered in job offers (fixed + variable): 80% is between €35,000 and €65,000 (€50,000 on average)

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