Examples, types and tools of the knowledge management system (2023)

Customer feedback studiesalready tells us that most customers prefer to solve their problems themselves rather than contacting a support agent. It makes sense: self-service puts the customer in charge so they can be autonomous and find the right answers quickly.

But an effective knowledge management system is also importantbest for business. This allows them to do more with less and frees their support teams for larger issues that require a human touch.

From SMBs to large corporations, finding ways to make knowledge more accessible can be a strategic advantage for your business.

Of course, customers want self-service, but91 percentOnly consider self-service if it's easy to use and meets your needs.

Design, UX, and strategy aren't just buzzwords — they're knowledge resources when it comes to empowering your customers (or your employees).self service.

Creating seamless self-service experiences involves more than just taking a knowledge base and decorating it with pops of color. it impliesComplainand principles behind visualizing information that make it easier for customers to find answers. This presents an ideal spot for knowledge management software to help.

Check out our favorite knowledge management examples that do just that, and maybe something like thatknowledge management systemYour company wants to develop further.

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What is a knowledge management system?

A knowledge management system.It is both the process of collecting, organizing and sharing information within an organization and the technology used to manage those processes.

Knowledge management is important because it enables customers to self-serve, improves agent efficiency and eliminates internal silos.

5 Great Examples of Knowledge Management Systems

Examples, types and tools of the knowledge management system (1)

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  1. spartan race
  2. Sell
  3. Akademie Khan
  4. canvas
  5. Tesco

1. Spartan race

An example of a knowledge management system is the Spartan Race knowledge base. Spartan Race, the world's leading obstacle course provider, is ranked #1 on our knowledge management list for its customer-centric, self-service strategy. Spartan Race understands that your customers' relationship with your brand is not the same for everyone and that presenting knowledge tailored to the customer's unique needs is critical to the success of your knowledge management.

First, Spartan Race has 40 customized help centers per country. Customer questions often vary depending on what part of the world you are in e.g. B. at events that are specific to your region.

Then, within each help center, knowledge is provided for different user groups, for example whether someone is a runner or a volunteer. Use best practices for organizing content such ashang tagsallows Spartan Race to ensure users can easily find the right content for their specific needs.

Additionally, Spartan Race uses AI to put its knowledge into practice before the customer even navigates to the helpdesk.

After receiving a large amount of FAQs via chat, Spartan Race integrated Answer Bot inWidget-Webto offer self-service along with live support options, like on your website's home page.

IAenables the organization to provide knowledge tailored to each user and their context, allowing customers to get help where they already are.

And Spartan Race uses data about how customers interact with Answer Bot to continually improve help articles and keep customers at the heart of content curation.

As a small team, Spartan Race has found Answer Bot particularly useful when customer inquiries increase during races, allowing customers to get quick, real-time answers; Races are more difficult to manage as they usually take place on weekends.

Overall, it also creates a more engaging agent experience as agents can distract repetitive questions and improve productivity. Since implementing Answer Bot, Spartan Race has reduced chat volume by 9.5% and increased their support team's live chat availability by 3 hours per day thanks to time savings.

Examples, types and tools of the knowledge management system (2)

2. sell

Sales Help Centermakes it easy to access basic information on how to get started or when something isn't working.

IsRetail Management Software Companyfollows a user-centered design approacheffective knowledge management, shows the most wantedsatisfiedabove and structuring into product sections for smooth navigation that users can filter by category.

This wonderfully simple knowledge base that we see in the frontend is supported by a sophisticated knowledge management program running behind the information view:Knowledge-based service(KCS® methodology). KCS is a knowledge management strategy that enables a support team to be agile and improve their help desk over time.empowering agentsparticipate in the transmission, creation and maintenance of knowledge.

At Vend, this means that every agent is a knowledge manager with the authority to do socreate content.

"When a ticket comes in, the agent looks up the response and applies it to the ticket and resolves it, or if the article doesn't exist, writes the response as an article to post in our help center."
Talei Wood, Vice President of Sales Support

Since implementing KCS, Vend has seen a 650 percent increase in Help Center articles, a 29 percent increase in customer satisfaction, and a 40 percent increase in one-touch solutions.

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Examples, types and tools of the knowledge management system (3)

By encouraging agents to update content based on customer needs, Vend gains a valuable opportunity to learn from its customers and improve its overall business process.

To do this, your support team must have aknowledge management systemThis gives agents the knowledge management tools they need to share and publish content.

And it's worth—Zendesk datashows that top performers consume almost three times as oftenKnowledge Base Softwarewhich allows agents to capture their knowledge and add or update help articles.

Examples, types and tools of the knowledge management system (4)

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3. Akademie Khan

Khan Academy, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing free education to everyone, everywhere, knows that customer interactions with their website are one of their biggest success factors, especially during the busiest times of the school year. When schools went online. BecauseCOVID 19.

The Help Center consists of an obvious search bar, a neat knowledge organization, and clean content categories that focus on the most important customer groups: parents, teachers, and students.

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However, Khan Academy's knowledge management strategy also includes something unique: athriving communityprominently placed insideyour help center.

The power of usePeer ClearSharing is central to the Khan Academy experience and a great example of knowledge management.

Members often have questions about the content they are learning, e.g. B. Exponents, or need advice on how to get a kid who hates math to like math, questions that should be asked of other clients.

“Our community is gold. It's hard to find such a group of people on the internet who are so sincere and helpful."
Laurie LeDuc, senior manager of community support at Khan Academy

4. Canvas

As they say on Top Chef, plating and presentation is everything.

And if anyone knows the importance of presenting their knowledge in the cleanest, most beautiful way, it's Canva, a graphic design platform.

The best part? Canva's knowledge management process andTechnical Support Design StrategiesThey are absolutely easy to implement, even for non-design experts.

Canva Help CenterIt features a sidebar full of information with simple category headings and well-designed organization methods that make it an easy process for self-sufficient customers to find answers.

In addition, it houses a prominent search bar, aKey practice of knowledge management— and clear graphics on frequently asked questions by customers.

Canva's knowledge management also includes a neat "Contact Us" section to ensure customers can access support when they need it.

5. Tesco

Just as self-service improves the customer experience, it can also offer a better experience for your employees: yoursinternal customer. And giant from the grocery store,Tesco, has made it into our knowledge management list for this reason.

With its technology department handling over 40,000 tickets a week alone, Tescointernal knowledge baseIt plays an important role in freeing up technical support administrators by allowing them to deflect quick and repetitive questions. Its knowledge repository brings together the various service desk offerings across the company into a single knowledge repository, providing a one-stop shop for information for its 460,000 employees in 9 countries.

Like the other companies on our knowledge management list, Tesco knows that a smooth front-end helpdesk is only possible with the right strategies and processes behind it.

As part of its internal knowledge management strategy, Tesco encourages its designated helpdesk managers across the business to edit and contribute content to ensure articles are always up to date and better meet the needs of its internal customers.

What types of knowledge management systems are there?

There are three main types of knowledge management systems: a knowledge base, a community forum, and AI-powered bots.

knowledge base

A knowledge base likeZendesk-ownedOrganize FAQs, product details, policies and more and make this information available to customers and agents.

Strong reports are key to a strong knowledge base because they enable teams to discover existing knowledge that works and generate new knowledge to build on.

TogetherAI-powered knowledge baseAgents can author new articles in real time, quickly flag outdated content for improvement, and share article recommendations in tickets.

community forum

A community forum is a place where customers can interact and support each other. It's also a great way for businesses to get organic customer feedback.

Members of the support team can participate or companies can appoint community managers to moderate and maintain discussions on the topic.

AI powered bots

AI powered bots likeThe Zendesk Answer botEmpower support teams to leverage their insights outside of a helpdesk and provide self-service at scale. Self-service bots answer customer questions by providing Help Center articles relevant to a customer's specific needs.

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Knowledge Management Tools.These are technologies that help teams collect, organize and share information across the company and for its customers. Examples of knowledge management tools are knowledge bases, community forums, and self-service portals. If you've ever consulted a company FAQ or online tutorial, you've used knowledge management tools.

What makes a good knowledge management system?

All five knowledge management examples have one thing in common: they offer simplicity on the front, supported by sophisticated strategies and processes on the back. A good knowledge management system should be easy to navigate and adapt to the needs of your customers.

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So remember that successful knowledge management systems are all about presenting your knowledge in the clearest and clearest way possible and you need to be strategic about it.

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service InnovationTM.


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