4 examples of knowledge management that you should know (2023)

Knowledge is a gift acquired through experience and education. An infinite amount of knowledge flows around us. It is impossible to store all this knowledge in our brain. There has to be a way to deal with it, and that's the concept ofadministrative skillsI arose. It has become a necessary discipline for every organization. Now you can explore and understand the examples of knowledge management and the core idea ofknowledge management systemIn this article.

What is knowledge management and knowledge management system?

Knowledge is a crucial resource for a company. It is created, shared, and used throughout the organization. The aim is to orchestrate relevant knowledge when and where it is needed. This process of organizing the knowledge of a company in such a way that goals can be achieved in the best possible way is knowledge management. KM (Knowledge Management) and KMS (Knowledge Management System) are related but distinctly different terms. Both concepts are very important for an organization.

KM is a multidisciplinary approach and formal technique to find out how much knowledge a company has that can be of great benefit to employees and stakeholders. It ensures information is available to those who need it. On the other hand, KMS is a knowledge management system in an organization for creating, collecting, storing and distributing information. Put simply, KMS are technologies that support KM in an organization.

Examples of knowledge management

4 examples of knowledge management are listed here.

1. Knowledge Management Mind Map

KM is the concept that everyone must learn to implement properly within an organization. The first knowledge management example refers to a KM mind map, which can help to understand its basic components and concepts. We have briefly elaborated each part for your convenience. Represents how components relate to each other. You will also get an insight into knowledge engineering. KM and Knowledge Engineering are interchangeable terms.

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2. Example of a knowledge management system

A knowledge management system example might be a better way to understand KM. Suppose a company is working on bringing a new product to market. Market research should be done to know the needs of the market. He also conducts competitor analysis. All this data is added to a database that contains some sales potential data and determines assets and steps to achieve sales goals and keep customers happy. So the research file is a good example to help you understand KMS. It's a broad concept, as you can see here.

4 examples of knowledge management that you should know (4)

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3. Example of knowledge management in organizations

For a nonprofit organization, creating a strategy to achieve a campaign goal depends on specific planning. NGOs can implement a mind map for WM and formulate a well thought out plan to achieve their goals. As with the knowledge management example presented here, executing a digital campaign strategy requires proper planning to address digital channels, landing pages, and subsequent calls to action. These are some areas where the digital campaign can be successful. Mind maps facilitate the planning process as they already map out what your NGO needs to do. This example is intended to demonstrate how an organization can effectively use mind mapping to its advantage.

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4. Life cycle of knowledge management

The knowledge management life cycle is a method of converting information into knowledge in an organization. Describes the way knowledge is captured, processed and distributed. It has several steps as follows:

  • Identify existing knowledge.
  • Plan the knowledge needed by employees or other members
  • Acquiring and developing knowledge.
  • Exchange of experiences where necessary
  • Cultivate the optimal use of knowledge
  • Control and maintain the quality of knowledge.
  • Get rid of experience when the organization no longer needs it

As you can see in the image below, these steps are broken down into concepts and explained in detail.

4 examples of knowledge management that you should know (6)

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What is knowledge management for?

the main goaladministrative skillsis to add value to the organization on three different levels:

Improve the way the company works

administrative skillsfocuses on improving existing business. You are trying to gather information and figure out what is the best thing you can do in the organization. For example cost reduction.

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Development of products and services

Organizations are trying to figure out what more they can do to increase business revenue at a lower cost and in less time.

effectiveness and efficiency

Knowledge management can improve the effectiveness of an organization. This leads to the achievement of predefined goals. Learning from what you've done is a quick way to increase efficiency. Learning from experience puts less time and effort into completing a task. Plus, you'll make fewer mistakes in pursuing those goals.

Make sure you have a clear understanding

One of KM's most important goals is to ensure clear and consistent information transfer between employees. You need to know their duties and responsibilities. KM's main goal is to foster innovation by nurturing a continuous flow of accurate knowledge.


Practicing KM in an organization means developing an environment where knowledge flows freely between members and employees. All information must be accurately available anytime, anywhere and to anyone who needs it.


Innovation is one of the most important ingredients for a successful company. Knowledge management promotes a culture of innovation in the organizational environment.

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challenges in knowledge management

Organizations face many challenges when trying to implement knowledge management. The issues we are talking about are:

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Flexible and collaborative culture

Organizations consider this one of the most common challenges, but some are experts at dealing with it. They are already enduring struggles while structuring and implementing new policies. It is human nature to resist change. Avoid being adaptable or learning from others. Employees make no effort to work together, which is the biggest challenge in facilitating team collaboration. They should be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and embrace change in the workplace.


Security is a challenge, but necessary for every business. Every company tries to ensure that information gets to the right people without data leakage.

measure knowledge

Measuring knowledge in an organization is quite challenging as no measurement standard is available. Tacit knowledge is more difficult to measure. Experts suggest aiming for the purpose of knowledge rather than effort or results. Knowledge cannot be quantified, which is why the expert's suggestion makes sense.

recognize an expert

Finding someone in a company who has experience in a specific skill can be used for a basic understanding of something you want to create. It's a complex and maybe tricky process for some employees as they will feel competitive in terms of your skills.

Document storage and management.

Some knowledge cannot be given in the form of a document, but it still needs to be organized. In addition, it is not easy for any company to manage documents. A good document management system helps with this.

consistent improvement

Knowledge management systems need to be continually improved over time. Choose the right resources for optimal and constant process operation.

Decide where to place the KM

Deciding on the right department to place the knowledge management tool is also critical to an organization's success.

So if you want to spread KM throughout the organization, determine where the KM strategy should be or who owns it. Most of the time, this responsibility falls to the HR or IT department. You need to take care of examples of effective knowledge management systems and also maintain an organizational learning and knowledge sharing team.

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