16 fantastic examples of web portals (2023)

As a web-based platform, a portal allows users to connect with each other and find relevant content easily and simply. Combine information from different sources into a single user interface.

Why use a web portal?

The functionality of a portal can have far-reaching effects on an organization and its processes.portal webenable personalized access and allow companies to design websites and navigation based on user needs. Here are 16 great examples of web portals from different industries and use cases.

Banking and insurance portals

1.West Bend, agent and customer portal

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company recognized the need for better digital offerings for its customers and agents. Its new customer portal provides policyholders with a seamless self-service experience, and its improved agent portal allows policyholders to create policy quotes in minutes, compared to an hour earlier.

2.Gulf Insurance Group-Kuwait Wealth Management/Insurance Portal

Gulf Insurance Group-Kuwait experienced a 30% increase in customer numbers and lowered its total cost of ownership after adding self-service capabilities that allow users to purchase policies, file claims, request quotes and more. Other online capabilities such as single sign-on and backup capabilities helped the insurer adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and make 100% of its insurance products available digitally.

3.excellenceBlueCross BlueShield, portal for policyholders

The legacy IBM WebSphere portal and Excellus content management portal were no longer sufficient to provide the experience needed by 1.5 million policyholders. Existing systems were old and expensive to maintain. The new portals offer members a consistent and streamlined user experience. Personalized dashboards allow members to easily view relevant content and review plan information. Excellus regularly hears from its customers how much they enjoy using the new sites and plans to extend this experience to all of its audiences.

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4.Banco Carrefour, self-service portal for financial customers

To properly serve a rapidly growing customer base, Banco Carrefour created a new self-service portal for its target audience, giving users the ability to access financial statements, manage their interactions with the organization and manage their debts and loans, all in a single location. Negotiate. By replacing the old portal, Carrefour can also plan for further expansion of online services and the ability to create and launch new products for its customers in the future.

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patient portal

5.COVID-19 resource page, patient portal and intranet

In just two weeks, a US-based healthcare network expanded its intranet to provide urgent COVID-19 updates and resources to patients and facility staff. Digital resources such as flexibility of location and ease of navigation allowed this healthcare network to adapt quickly and keep its users informed.

6.MedImpact, Benefits Program Portal

MedImpact offers pharmaceutical benefit programs to hundreds of organizations, each with its own unique combination of member offerings. The MedImpact portal has centralized authentication and authorization control across multiple pre-built sites for delivery and administration of multiple benefit programs. Combined with single sign-on capabilities and custom portlets, the portal has reduced MedImpact's operating costs and increased control over the programs they manage for pharmacies.


16 fantastic examples of web portals (2)

7.Maut Global Express, Intranet

Transportation and logistics company Toll Global Express is equipping its employees with self-service capabilities through its new GEConnect intranet. Productivity has increased as employees can easily find their paychecks, file an IT ticket and stay up to date with the latest policies. Additionally, employees who do not have regular Internet access can connect to the intranet offline by registering their phone for SMS updates.

8.romances, intranet

With more than 2,600 employees, Materion, a global provider of advanced materials, has updated its intranet solution to better support the entire organization. well, hera modern intranethelps engage employees with personalized and meaningful content. In just four months, they saw a 20% increase in sessions, a 40% increase in pageviews, and a 24% reduction in bounce rate, completely solidifying their investment.


As a global leader in auto parts and technology for autonomous driving and connected cars, Aptiv needed a solution to connect more than 10,000 employees with production data around the world. Previously, data was stored on 74 servers and was extremely difficult to obtain. But with its intranet, Aptiv Intelligence, employees can access a one-stop shop for global manufacturing information and data.

Extranets and partner portals

10. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Member Portal

With more than 650,000 users in 174 countries, HPE struggled to provide relevant information to its partners. To remedy this, the new HP Partner Portal provides a single point of access to all available services and tools. Global partners can now receive targeted and relevant content. Now 70% of partners return regularly to use the partner portal.

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11Volkswagen Group France, Extranet

To improve customer and employee satisfaction, Volkswagen has revamped its extranet and intranet, with new portals supporting existing applications and providing necessary new functionality. Volkswagen's intranet portal supports five pages for each group brand and offers various internal services, access to documents, internal messages and vehicle files. The extranet portal supports a network of dealers and workshops and manages applications and documents for accessing information and day-to-day business.

16 fantastic examples of web portals (3)

12Sahaj, Member Portal

To provide banking, insurance, e-learning, retail and government services to millions of people in rural India, Sahaj has revamped its supplier portal. The website's improved user interface and partners' ability to quickly find key resources resulted in 18,000 new users and a 30% increase in transactions. Also, publishing the expanded content on the website helps to reduce the cost of Sahaj through faster implementation. With 45 ongoing services on the site, members of rural communities can now better access resources and services provided by partners.

government portals

13Grants.gov, federal government portal

Grants.gov's mission is to enable federal grant applicants to apply for and manage grant funds online through one unified website. With a fully functional agency portal, organizations can simplify lease management and eliminate redundancy. Grants.gov is unique in sending over 1 million email alerts on public demand and receiving over 4 million page views weekly.

14Council of Europe, Government Programs Portal

The Council of Europe has 47 member states and was created to protect human rights, democracy and the rule of law across the continent. The Board consists of several different operating entities, each with their own programs operating in Member States, and has created a Program Portal to house its 200+ websites. The portal allows users to manage the content of these sites and has improved internal communication between programs and the management of projects involving other organizations such as the European Union.

Portals for students and teachers

16 fantastic examples of web portals (4)

15.University of East Anglia student and faculty portal

Through its dedicated student portal, MyUEA facilitates study and research for nearly 28,000 students and staff at the University of East Anglia. The new responsive design, self-service features and streamlined navigation make the portal even easier to use. Location flexibility was critical during the COVID-19 pandemic, making information about on-campus testing and safety policies readily available to students and staff.

sixteen.Maine Public Universities Multi-Campus Portal

The University of Maine System (UMS) integrates multiple campuses, centers, and facilities for undergraduate and graduate students. A growing number of users representing different target groups led UMS to replace its old portal with a new system that provided class information, communication channels and more services. Additionally, these services have been tailored to the roles of individual users, including students, staff, faculty, alumni, administration and more, from campus to campus.

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Evolving portal platforms for future needs

Web portals are great for providing personalized post-purchase customer experiences, but businesses are realizing they need solutions to manage the entire customer journey. As the portal market has matured, leading portal providers have added rich feature sets that help organizations create these user-centric digital experiences. slowly they godigital experience platforms.

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