15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (2023)

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (1)

Knowledge is power! However, that same knowledge can make you powerless if you don't use it properly.

Most of the time, important business information goes unused in emails, Word documents and Google Drive. This scattered data will only increase over time as your business grows. Without a dedicated knowledge management system, you are missing out on many opportunities to improve workplace efficiency, improve customer support and grow your business.

Fortunately, using the best knowledge management software will help you overcome this challenge and unlock the true potential of your business knowledge. It supports 24/7 access to information, learning on the go and team collaboration.

If you are looking for a similar tool, you have come to the right place.

We will get into that in this blogBenefits of knowledge management softwareand why more and more companies are investing in it. Later, we'll look at the top 15 tools to support your knowledge management initiatives.

Let's go!

What is knowledge management software?

Knowledge management software is a tool that gathers all your company knowledge in one central platform for easy access and search. This collective source of useful business information can easily be shared internally with employees or externally with customers.From writing and editing to management and publishing, the right knowledge management software supports you through all stages of content development.

Benefits of knowledge managementSoftware

Whether your goal is to improve customer support or improve internal knowledge management, the right software can greatly improve your efforts.

Let's take a look at the biggest benefits you can get from using the best knowledge management software.

1. Improve employee productivity

Finding information scattered across files and folders is a real challenge. When employees spend unnecessary time on trivial tasks such as searching documents, their productivity decreases. Knowledge management software gives employees instant access to information so they can focus on their jobs.

2. Supports employee onboarding

New employees have difficulty adapting to a new environment. Their learning is slowed down if they are not continuously supported. -oneknowledge management systemgives new employees quick access to all company information so they can learn the tricks of the trade faster. It gives them a helping hand and enables them to easily overcome any initial challenges.

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3. Stimulates innovation in the workplace

One of the great advantages of knowledge management is that it creates a favorable climate for innovation. Employees can contribute with their unique insight and collaboration on projects. With immediate access to department-specific best practice, employees can be more innovative on even the smallest tasks.

4. Increases your customer support

When rising support tickets are a constant problem, a knowledge management tool can be very useful. It helps you build a public help center with how-to articles and video tutorials that customers can use to troubleshoot themselves. A knowledge management system also provides round-the-clock supportreduces ticket inflow, making your support team's job much easier.

Why is knowledge management software becoming more and more popular?

Gone are the days when knowledge slumbered silently in databases. With the advent of technology, knowledge is now spread via email, Google Drive, Slack and several other platforms.

To ensure that this information is not lost in the chaos and back and forth, more and more companies today rely on the use of knowledge management software.

There are other reasons why knowledge management is high on the priority list for organizations today. Some of these reasons are:

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (2)

The market is highly competitive and companies are trying to outdo each other and beat their own records. In such a scenario, the only thing that can keep you on top is how you manage and leverage your organization's knowledge assets.

Studies even show that72% of the organizationsCreating and retaining knowledge is essential to their success.

(Video) 7 Best Knowledge Management Software Tools in 2023

Another important reason why companies invest in knowledge management software is that they are aware of the deluge of data that is generated every day. The sad thing is that there is a lot of this data -55 %,to be precise, remains unused. This is a huge loss for organizations.

Knowledge management provides a bright spot as it provides you with a digital platform to securely store and retrieve your business information.

How do you choose the best knowledge management software?

Now that we are clear about the purpose of knowledge management software, let's take it a step further and understand how to choose it correctly.

There are hundreds and thousands of knowledge management system tools on the market. So how do you decide which tool to use?

It's a real challenge, but don't worry, we're here for you. Learn about some of the most important points to be aware of during the selection process:

ease of use

While most top knowledge management software prides itself on ease of use, few meet this basic but important requirement. The software you choose should have an intuitive interface and no programming skills are required to set it up.

Centralized platform

Any software you choose should provide a unified space for teams to collaborate and create high-quality content. On this centralized platform, teams can create structured content, track history, define workflows and publish to web and mobile devices.

Integrated reports

Reports provide a small insight into how your content is performing and whether it is being used correctly. The best knowledge management software comes with built-in reports that show your best and worst performing content, knowledge gaps and more.

Third Party Integrations

The number of third-party integrations a tool offers is an important indicator of its capabilities. Look for software that integrates well with leading collaboration, analytics, surveys and customer support tools.

user management

Another notable knowledge management feature to be aware of is user access control. This feature paves the way for collaborative content creation and ensures that your data stays in the right hands.

data security

If you work with sensitive business data, you need oneTool with a strong security system. The leading knowledge management software offers intelligent security features that allow folder- or page-level restrictions to hide or show content. Such tools also support single sign-on and are GDPR compliant.

budget prices

Knowledge management tools come in different pricing plans based on the number of users and features offered. Choose a tool with a transparent pricing structure so there are no surprises at the end of the month.

List of 15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 20203

1. Professional knowledge base

Best for:Creation of internal and external knowledge bases, customized workflows and detailed reporting.

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (3)

ProProf's Knowledge Base is versatile knowledge management software that allows you to provide instant self-service to your customers and encourage internal team collaboration. With this software it is possiblebuild a knowledge basefor both public and private customers and employees. The tool is easy to set up and supports you through all stages of content creation, from writing to publishing. There are several hand-crafted templates, a simple text editor, and powerful customization options to help with content creation.

With ProProf's Knowledge Base you have access to insightful reports andTake advantage of third-party integrationsto give your audience an unforgettable experience.

Main features:

  • Write and edit content with an MS Word-like editor.
  • Manage user roles and permissions to control access.
  • Gain useful insights into article performance and author activity.
  • Protect your content with password and privacy controls.
  • Supports over 90 languages ​​to help you reach a diverse audience.

Prices: Starts at $49/author/month.

2.Document 360

best for: Category management with simple drag and drop interface.

(Video) Top Knowledge Management Tools in 2022

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (4)

Designed for growing businesses, Document360 brings together all your business knowledge on one central platform for easy distribution. The tool provides private access through a secure login so that only authorized members can use your document. In addition to a user-friendly interface and robust search system, Document360 also offers content localization and advanced analytics, promising a top-notch experience.

Main features:

  • Receive multiple versions of articles and keep track of all changes.
  • Translate yourshelp contentin a language of your choice.
  • Manage the workflow process by specifying due dates and roles.
  • Export the contents of the knowledge base in PDF format.
  • Get a real-time preview of the content as you type in the editor.

Prices:From $99/project/month.

3.Bloom brand

Best for:Cloud-based knowledge management, AI-assisted search, comprehensive publishing.

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (5)

Bloomfire is another best knowledge management platform that helps you leverage your biggest strategic asset – knowledge. With this tool, you can build a central, searchable platform where your teams can collaborate and access information instantly. With comments, likes and a personalized feed, Bloomfire keeps users engaged and together on projects.

Main features:

  • Find knowledge gaps and track search trends with built-in analytics.
  • Tailor the platform to your unique needs with custom branding.
  • Publish knowledge as videos, text, diagrams, audio or any other format.
  • Get instant information with automatic tagging and AI-powered search.
  • Import/export content in bulk and keep your knowledge management system up to date.

Prices:Contact the company for an offer.


Best for:Internal company wiki, native Slack integration, AI-powered duplicate detection.

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (6)

Guru acts as a company wiki that helps with employee onboarding and internal communication. The tool fits seamlessly into your workflows and offers powerful browser extensions that allow employees to capture information on the go. Guru's native integration with Slack allows you to capture expertise and keep teams updated with any changes in your organizationknowledge base.

Main features:

  • Write from scratch or import existing content with a simple editor.
  • Capture information from the web and turn it into small-sized maps.
  • Organize information systematically in collections and boards.
  • Gain deep insight into your employees' use of knowledge.
  • Register duplicate content to avoid redundancy.

Prices:From $5/user/month.

5.Atlasian confluence

Best for:Project collaboration, remote-friendly workspace, powerful integrations.

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (7)

Confluence is one of the best knowledge management tools that gives your teams a remote workspace to work together. This tool allows you to build a single source of truth by leveraging the expertise of different teams. Confluence also offers an intranet that facilitates seamless communication by allowing teams to share messages and provide feedback.

Main features:

  • to gain access tobeautifully designed templatesand quickly got started.
  • Follow the product history closely and compare different versions.
  • Enable teams to collaborate with each other through embedded comments.
  • Notify your teams with instant task update notifications.
  • Receive a personalized feed on your website and stay informed of all progress.

Prices:From $5.50/user/month.


Best for:Mind maps, social knowledge sharing and file synchronization across devices.

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (8)

Bitrix24 provides an all-in-one workspace for team collaboration, customer relationship management and project management. The knowledge management solution is easy to use and can be used on a variety of devices, including mobile phones and laptops. You can even customize the knowledge base to your liking and integrate Bitrix24 with your favorite tools. In addition, the tool offers a dedicated mobile app to enhance the end-user experience.

Main features:

(Video) 15+ Best Project Management Apps for 2023

  • Manage user access by setting roles and permissions.
  • Customize the templates to match your company's branding.
  • Configure password controls so that only authorized users can access your knowledge base.
  • Access your knowledge base across devices to learn on the go.
  • Create default menus and nested menus for easy navigation.

Prices:From $43/5 users/month.


Best for:Live chat widget integration, SEO optimization, smart search.

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (9)

HelpCrunch is one of the leading knowledge management tools for small and large businesses. The knowledge management solution is primarily designed for customer self-service and ticket influx reduction. It has a powerful visual editor for effortless content creation. In addition, the tool allows you to create search engine optimized content that can be easily found by users.

Main features:

  • Add text, images, videos and tables with the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Get smart suggestions and find what you need in seconds.
  • Turn negative responses into positive customers with insightful reports.
  • Optimize your content for search engines by allowing metadata editing.
  • Customize your knowledge base with your favorite fonts, colors and images.

Prices:From $12/month.


best forIntegrated ticket sales, user forums, communities and chat assistant.

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (10)

Zoho Desk is essentially a help desk solution that also offers self-service options. As a customizable knowledge management system, the tool allows you to customize every element of your Help Center using HTML and CSS. Best of all, Zoho Desk supports communities and forums, giving your audience a central platform to ask questions and share ideas.

Main features:

  • Manage user access to your Help Center and ensure top security.
  • Allow users to submit tickets through the knowledge management platform.
  • Use meta titles and keywords for search engine optimization.
  • Monitor search patterns and user engagement with built-in reports.
  • Automatically suggest relevant articles and help agents resolve tickets faster.

Prices:From $10/agent/month.

9.Zendesk guide

Best for:Ease of use, detailed analytics, contextual self-service.

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (11)

Zendesk Guide is an easy-to-use knowledge management platform with advanced search capabilities and powerful customization options.Create help articleis easy with the WYSIWYG editor that offers various editing and styling options. Multiple users can collaborate and collaborate on articles to speed up the process and ensure impeccable content quality. The tool also allows localization of content in over 40 languages, so you can serve a diverse audience.

Main features:

  • Customize the knowledge base with custom themes.
  • Get AI-powered article recommendations directly in support tickets.
  • Get suggestions on what content works best for your audience.
  • Create and update reusable content for multiple articles.
  • Easily import content from different platforms and convert them into useful articles.

Prices:From $49/agent/month.


best for: Digital archive management, task automation and document management.

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (12)

OpenKM is another knowledge management tool that can help you manage your digital documents effectively and increase workplace efficiency. It is an open source solution with enterprise content management features such as workflow creation and task automation. With this tool, you can collect information from all digital sources and facilitate collaboration on different projects. Using the API, you can integrate OpenKM with your favorite tools.

Main features:

  • Drag files and documents into your knowledge base.
  • Create, assign and manage tasks with Task Manager.
  • Build workflows for content review, approval and validation.
  • Open and restore previous versions of a document.
  • Works with popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

Prices:Connect with the company.


Best for:Help widget, community forums, reply bots.

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (13)

Freshdesk is a leading customer support tool with powerful knowledge management capabilities. If you have a large team, you can use the tool's approval workflows to create error-free, high-quality content. The tool also offers answer bots to provide users with instant answers in the knowledge base. Freshdesk offers code-free customization and supports over 42 languages.

Main features:

(Video) The Ultimate Personal Knowledge Management System ! (Obsidian, PARA, Atomic Thinking)

  • Turn agent responses into meaningful Help articles.
  • Increase the visibility of your knowledge base through search engine optimization.
  • Perform bulk actions to update all your items and folders.
  • Closely monitor asset performance based on user feedback.
  • Publish content in the form of images, videos or any other format.

Prices: Starts at $12/agent/month.


Best for:Internal knowledge management, integrations, content review.

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (14)

Tired of finding company information scattered in documents? Tetra may be just what you need. It is one of the best knowledge management solutions that can easily import content from platforms like Google Docs and Dropbox. Native Slack integration eliminates all context switching, giving teams instant answers to questions where they're asked.

Main features:

  • Have the information reviewed and approved by subject matter experts.
  • Create content quickly with Tettra's simple editor.
  • Get detailed monthly analytics to assess and improve content performance.
  • Set up private categories to protect your knowledge base.
  • Identify non-proprietary and outdated content to improve your knowledge management system.

Prices: Starts at $8.33/user/month.

13.see the clouds

Best for:Global file management, advanced search, search engine optimization.

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (15)

KnowledgeOwl is popular knowledge management software that does not require complicated procedures to set up. It is a simple tool that you can use to create and create product documentationinternal knowledge basesfor both customers and employees. This software allows you to drag and drop categories, create custom views and receive user feedback through comments.

Main features:

  • Add contact forms and let users provide instant feedback.
  • Edit files in your file library and update articles instantly.
  • Manage content categories with a customizable table of contents.
  • Categorize content using labels to make information retrieval easier.
  • Create a duplicate of your knowledge base for testing or rebranding.

Prices:From $79/month.


Best for:Real-time collaboration, unified workspace, work visualization.

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (16)

Nuclino is a modern yet simple tool that gathers all your business documents in one place and enables teams to collaborate on projects. A markdown editor allows you to add text, images and videos to your articles. The tool enables team collaboration through internal comments and suggestions. What's really fascinating about Nuclino is that you can visualize the work using list, table and graph views.

Main features:

  • Automatically save changes and sync across devices.
  • Undo changes and restore previous article versions.
  • Easily write and edit content with the drag-and-drop editor.
  • Control who can edit and read by specifying roles and permissions.
  • Export content in PDF and Word format.

Prices:From $5/user/month.

15.ServiceNow knowledge management

Best for:Translation management, Customer Service Management, IT Service Management

15 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2023 | Pro Profs (17)

ServiceNow's knowledge management solution is designed to help you respond to both your customers and your employees. The integration with MS Word ensures a flawless writing experience and also provides useful insight into existing knowledge gaps. The tool has an AI-powered search system that delivers personalized results and gives users a seamless experience when gathering information.

Main features:

  • Get in-depth insights into user feedback and gaps to improve your knowledge base.
  • Build an online community where customers and employees can keep in touch with their colleagues.
  • Assign items to specific teams to ensure premium quality.
  • Create reusable content blocks and reduce redundancy.
  • Give users an uninterrupted and fast search experience.

Prices:Contact the company for an offer.

Use the best knowledge management software to improve collaboration, innovation and growth

Knowledge management is an important competitive differentiator that can give you an advantage.

With tons of data generated every day, you need a dedicated system to manage this information and make it easily accessible. When managed well, knowledge can prove to be a valuable asset that drives innovation, increases efficiency and helps you chart a positive growth curve.

(Video) How to Build the Ultimate Productivity System (2023)

The above best knowledge management software has been carefully selected and will surely help you get the most out of your business knowledge. Compare their features and prices and choose a trial version to check how well they work.


What are the 3 major knowledge management systems? ›

There are three major types of knowledge management systems, namely enterprise-wide knowledge management systems, knowledge work systems, and intelligent techniques.

What are the four 4 examples of knowledge management systems? ›

Examples of Different Types of Knowledge Management Systems
  • Online Community Forums. ...
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) ...
  • Customer Service Knowledge Bases. ...
  • Research and Insights Libraries.
Mar 8, 2023

What companies provide KMS software? ›

Comparison of Knowledge Management Software
KM SoftwarePlatformRatings
ClickUpWindows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Web-based.5 Stars
ZendeskWeb-based, Android, iOS.5 Stars
Zoho DeskiOS, Android.4.5 stars
Document360Web-based5 Stars
6 more rows
May 4, 2023

What are the 4 levels of knowledge management? ›

A look at four levels of knowledge management (KM): personal or individual; department, project or team; organization-wide; and inter-organizational.

What are the 4 elements of knowledge management? ›

Create new knowledge (this happens every day, all the time, across all areas of the business) Identify knowledge that is critical to strategy and operations. Collect knowledge so it can be shared with others. Review knowledge to evaluate its relevancy, accuracy, and applicability.

What are the knowledge management trends in 2023? ›

Some of the top knowledge management trends include wider adoption of AI, the growing role of social and collaboration technologies, knowledge automation, more integration with business systems, migrating to cloud-based solutions for more accessibility, the implementation of intelligent search for better knowledge ...

What are the 5 Ps of knowledge management? ›

People, Process, Platform, Partnership, and Problem Solving: The 5P Approach to Strengthening Knowledge Management Capacity and Culture | USAID Learning Lab.

What are the six drivers of knowledge management? ›

These drivers can be grouped into six broad categories as described below:
  • Knowledge-Centric Drivers. The failure of organizations to know what they already know. ...
  • Technology Drivers. ...
  • Organizational Structure-Based Drivers. ...
  • Personnel Drivers. ...
  • Process Focused Drivers. ...
  • Economic Drivers. ...
  • SECI Model.
Aug 12, 2015

Does Microsoft allow KMS? ›

Office supports KMS host computers running on the following operating systems, depending on which version of Office is being activated by KMS: Office LTSC 2021: At least Windows Server 2016 or at least Windows 10 (volume editions)

Does Amazon use knowledge management? ›

Amazon. Another company known for its knowledge management systems is Amazon. Amazon has a well-established knowledge management system that caters to both its employees and customers.

Is SharePoint a knowledge management system? ›

SharePoint knowledge management allows simple access to an aggregate of service knowledge hidden inside the various silos for quicker decision making. It helps to increase your Employee Productivity & make your teams more self-sufficient.

How do you build a good knowledge management system? ›

10 Tips for Implementing a Knowledge Management System
  1. Establish Your Goals and Objectives. ...
  2. Develop a Change Management Strategy. ...
  3. Determine Your Process to Establish a Foundation. ...
  4. Involve Leadership. ...
  5. Assess Your Current State. ...
  6. Establish Your Core Capabilities. ...
  7. Build an Implementation Roadmap. ...
  8. Implement.
Feb 13, 2020

What makes a good knowledge management system? ›

A good knowledge management system should be easy to navigate and tailored to your customers' needs. So remember, successful knowledge management systems involve presenting your knowledge as crisp and clean as possible, and require you to be strategic in how you do so.

What are knowledge management tools? ›

Knowledge management tools are any tools used to effectively gather and distribute both internal and external knowledge for your business. While available individually, most knowledge management tools are included as features in knowledge management software.

What are the 7 levels of knowledge management? ›

It was found that the critical elements are, in order of relevance: human resource management; organizational structure; organizational culture and values; information and communication systems; learning through the environment; strategic factors; the role of senior management, and the measurement of results.

What are the 8 pillars of knowledge management strategy? ›

The 8 different pillars of knowledge management strategy include Motivate, network, supply, and demand analyse, codify, disseminate, implement, and augment. Motivating your employees and all people involved in the knowledge management roadmap is important to achieving your main objectives.

What are the two major types of knowledge management? ›

As we mentioned earlier, knowledge management considers two types of knowledge: explicit and tacit. Of course, every company in the world owns both explicit and tacit knowledge that is unique to that specific organization.

What are the 4 pillars of KM? ›

The Four Pillars of Knowledge Management framework involves four environmental influences, which are: Social, Political, Governmental and Economic (Figure 1). The four pillars of the frame- work are: Leadership, Organization, Technology and Learning.

What are the list of knowledge management models? ›

  • Theoretical Models of Information and Knowledge Management.
  • The Nonaka and Takeuchi Knowledge Spiral Model. ...
  • The von Krogh and Roos Model of Organizational Epistemology. ...
  • The Choo Sense-Making KM Model. ...
  • The Wiig Model for Building and Using Knowledge. ...
  • The Boisot I-Space KM Model. ...
  • Complex Adaptive System Models of KM.

What should companies focus on in 2023? ›

In 2023, employers must prioritize transparency around how they collect, use and store employee data, as well as allow employees to opt out of practices they find objectionable. Start building an employee data bill of rights to support your employees' need for healthy boundaries in addition to overall well-being.

What is the data trend for 2023? ›

Advanced analytics and AI/ML continue to be hot data trends in 2023. According to a recent IDC study, “executives openly articulate the need for their organizations to be more data-driven, to be 'data companies,' and to increase their enterprise intelligence.”

What is the new trend 2023? ›

Trends such as knee-high splits, geometric cut-outs and sheer fabrics all lends themselves perfectly to a sultry skin moment, whereas for the inevitable open-air soirée, amping up the drama is easy with a 1970s It-girl-inspired hooded gown. Run, don't walk, straight to Alaïa.

How much is Microsoft KMS? ›

Microsoft Key Management Service (KMS)
  • Estimated Price. $130.
  • Price Terms. Per Service.
  • Recurring. Monthly.
  • Setup Fee. $350.

What is the difference between MAK and KMS Microsoft? ›

Key Management Service (KMS) allows organizations to activate systems within their own network. Multiple Activation Key (MAK) activates systems on a one-time basis, using Microsoft's hosted activation services.

How long does KMS last? ›

According to the Microsoft article: Understanding KMS, in the KMS Activation Renewal section, it states that "KMS activations are valid for 180 days—the activation validity interval. To remain activated, KMS client computers must renew their activation by connecting to the KMS host at least once every 180 days.".

Is knowledge management part of CRM? ›

As CRM is about managing customer knowledge to better understand and serve them (Beijerse, 1999), KM can be seen as the main sub-process of CRM because, to manage CRM effectively, companies must develop capabilities related to customer KM processes (KMP).

Who uses knowledge management systems? ›

Customer service agents and customer-facing staff use KMS

A Knowledge Management System serves as the primary source of knowledge for customer service agents.

What software do Amazon employees use? ›

Amazon employees are already using ChatGPT for software coding. They also found the AI chatbot can answer tricky AWS customer questions and write cloud training materials. The letter F.

Is Jira a knowledge management system? ›

Jira Service Management's out-of-the-box knowledge base enables your service teams to easily manage and share knowledge so that the right answers are always at your fingertips.

Does Salesforce have a knowledge management system? ›

Salesforce Knowledge base is an effective knowledge management system that helps solve issues or answer questions of external customers as well as internal employees, by using articles.

Does Microsoft have a knowledge base? ›

Summary. To quickly find an article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base, you can search by using keywords and query words.

What are the three 3 major types of knowledge in enterprise? ›

There are three major categories of enterprise-wide KMS:
  • Structured knowledge systems.
  • Semistructured knowledge systems.
  • Knowledge networks.

What are the systems for knowledge management? ›

A knowledge management system is any kind of IT system that stores and retrieves knowledge to improve understanding, collaboration, and process alignment. Knowledge management systems can exist within organizations or teams, but they can also be used to center your knowledge base for your users or customers.

What are the names of 3 sources of knowledge? ›

3 Sources of Knowledge: Rationalism, Empiricism, and the Kantian Synthesis.

What are 2 examples of knowledge management? ›

What are examples of knowledge management tools? Knowledge management tools are technology that helps teams gather, organize, and share information across a business and for its customers. Examples of knowledge management tools include knowledge bases, community forums, and self-service portals.

What are the five components of a knowledge management system? ›

The assessment should cover the five core knowledge management components: people, processes, technology, structure and culture.


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